Patient Protection.

Hospital accreditation and OSHA require all operating room staff wear Personal Protection Equipment for face and eyes. It is ironic that the most vulnerable person in the room, the patient, is the only one without this protection.


Inadvertent eye and face injuries are well known events during surgery. They are ‘never events’. Accreditation organizations such as JCAHO identify them preventable and they should never happen.  Yet, they do and with regularity. 


Blunt trauma, spills, falling objects, and moving instruments contribute to face and eye injuries under general anesthesia. The risk is particularly significant during laparoscopic, da Vinci, breast and shoulder-beach chair surgery. 

Protective barrier

If the face is draped out of view, the device is a protective barrier. This is invaluable to anesthesiologists. The simple retaining strap and break away feature maintain simplicity, safety and utility without compromising the course of surgery or anesthesia.

Enter SavingEyes.


The absence of a universal, standardized patient face and eye protection device under general anesthesia catalyzed development of the Intraoperative Patient Protective Eye Shield (SavingEyes). It is designed to protect the eyes and surrounding areas. 

The device is simple, intuitive, single use, latex free, non-flammable and low cost, allowing full view of and access to the patient’s face.